Weekly Produce Updates October 31st

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So the focus as we finish this week is the overall crop out of Washington. As an industry, the crop will be at least 10 to 15 million cartons down from last year. There are some percentages as high as 25% down from last year which has caused a significant jump in the market out of Washington. The markets from other growing regions have taken notice. Although they are steady as we finish the week, they will trend higher as their season progresses. Basically, the reasoning is that most apple varieties are alternate bearing. Which means one year the yields are up and the next year the yields drop significantly. They have had lighter blossoms this year as well which has generated larger fruit. We have seen the smaller size fruit in particular 125ct and smaller take a quick turn. They are extremely limited in most varieties. The will remain through the whole season. There is availability of small fruit from other states but that will quickly turn as well. Quality remains excellent with all varieties with good sugar levels and decent pressure testing.

– Gabe Romero

The smaller size fruit in all varieties is extremely limited as suppliers are not risking opening up controlled atmosphere rooms to run bins in order to cover orders. Subbing into larger sizes will be the theme this year.


Berries (Blackberries)

We are seeing a definite divide in supplies and price on blackberries. Due to the domestic harvest finishing up and the limited production in Mexico, supplies in California remain very limited this week. However, the fruit that is being harvested, is getting transferred to McAllen and sold at a much cheaper price than CA. As we wait for the effects of the storms from last week to wear off and production to increase, we can expect to see this split market. If loading in McAllen is an option, you will have the best chance of getting covered in full at a better price point. We expect supplies to improve over the next 2 weeks.

– Sean Azzelio

Supplies are still limited due to the storms in Mexico last week. Availability is better in Texas than California. We are seeing split markets.


Demand is moderate on 70 count and larger with good demand on 80 count and smaller out of all shipping points. Thanksgiving holiday demand has started and will increase quickly over the next week and a half. Quality is looking good with very few issues being reported upon arrival. Idaho is mainly packing the Norkotah variety with very few Burbanks being packed. This will continue through the first of the year. Transportation is starting tightening as we enter the holiday season which will continue through the first of the New Year.

– Mike Gorczyca

Transportation starting to tighten up as we enter the Thanksgiving holiday pull.


Colored Potatoes

The market is steady on Red, White and Golds with moderate demand. Demand will start increase for the holiday as we get into November. Wisconsin and North Dakota are peaking on A size Reds with very limited supplies of B’s and C’s. Quality is fair to good depending on the lot out of Wisconsin and North Dakota. Washington, Colorado, and Idaho have great quality being packed. Transportation is starting to tighten up as we enter the holiday season.

– Mike Gorczyca

Transportation starting to tighten up as we enter the Holiday Season. This will continue through the New Year.

Peak Seasons:
We are just starting to enter peak season

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