Market Conditions December 5th

Weather Update

A series of cold fronts continue to move through California every couple of days with rain winds and cooler temperatures into next week. Scattered showers continue across Central Mexico followed by cooler temperatures into the weekend with gradual warming next week. Cooler temperatures and showers are expected to the north as the Pacific storm systems move across the region into next week. The southwestern desert regions will see rain and winds followed by cooler temperatures late this week into the weekend. Florida will see some of the coldest mornings of the season in the northern half of the state late this week followed by a fairly strong storm system moving in over the weekend.

Market Alerts

Apples: Granny Smith and Gold Delicious are extremely limited. Small size apples out of the Northwest are limited.

Berries (Strawberries): Due to the recent rains, supplies are extremely limited. Market prices are up and quality will be a challenge.

Grapes (Green): Domestic season will start to wind down. Market prices are higher and quality will need to be monitored.

Grapes (Red): As we finish the domestic season, quality will need to be monitored closely.

Potatoes: Transportation limited.

Tomatoes: There is a national shortage of tomatoes of which Roma tomatoes are extremely short. As Florida season gets started with light supply, and Mexico farms struggle against crop loss from weather related setbacks, supplies continue to run short each week as steady demand sustains an elevated market.

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