Market Conditions – February 6th

Weather Update

Very cold temperatures continue across the West as series of cold upper-level storm systems roll through the region. Freezing morning temperatures will continue into the weekend across California and the southwestern desert regions with gradual warming expected next week. Seasonal temperatures continue across Central Mexico with a slight cool down and a chance of rain across Northern Mexico as the storm system brush the region. Generally dry conditions across Florida into the weekend. A weak system looks to impact most of the state on Monday followed by a much stronger system mid-week.

Apples Granny Smith and Gold Delicious 113 and smaller continue to be in a demand exceeds supply situation. Sizing is peaking on 72/80/88 premium grades. Prices continue to rise in order to slow movement with shippers hoping to extend the season. Quality is good. Demand has picked up on Galas across the board from 72 to 138 which has this market on the rise. Quality is good. Red Delicious and Fuji markets are steady with moderate demand. We could see these markets firms slightly over the next couple of weeks. Quality is good.

Avocadoes (Mexican) The weather this week in Michoacan Mexico calls for temps in the 70s-80s with no rain in the forecast. Fairly light demand this week with a steady market. Plenty of 48s #1 and #2 grade fruit. 60 and 70 ct remain active as there is a strong demand for smaller fruit. We are mid-season into the ÔÇťAventejadaÔÇŁ crop, fruit cuts are great and eat well. Fruit mid to late season has higher dry matter than early season fruit. Avocados that have higher dry matter ripen faster. As far as domestic fruit, California will not harvest until late February, early March. Reason being is California is expecting a very light harvest this year due to last years heat wave and fires in the Oxnard/Ventura growing region. Another key reason, plenty of Mexican fruit in the pipeline. We will see light offerings on domestic fruit from now into March but nothing consistent until volume ramps up come March.

Strawberries California Strawberries are in extremely short supply due to 5 days of heavy rains in southern California leading into last weekend. These limited numbers will prevail through the end of the week and into the next as growers discontinue harvests for the next couple of days to allow cleanup of the plants and the drying out of the fields. A cold snap in the low 30s is expected through Friday further impeding plant growth and diminishing higher yield potential in the near future. Florida and Mexico are producing moderate numbers but not nearly enough to counter the shortages we are experiencing out West. These conditions have caused a serious lack of fruit for the Valentines day pull particularly on long stem berries.

Brussels Sprouts The Brussels Sprout market continues to be tight with supply being affected by the recent rain. The quality has been affected by the rain and cold weather and sizing tend to run smaller due to this recent colder weather. Look for the Brussels Sprout market to remain tight going into next week.

Cauliflower Cauliflower market has started to pick back up as suppliers are ahead of schedule. Yuma weather now looks cooler the next few days resulting in a slower growth process. Overall, the quality is good with minor bruising and some yellow cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level. Look for this market to continue to adjust higher going into next week.

Celery Heavy rains in the Oxnard/Santa Maria region occurred over the weekend and rain will continue for the first part of this week. Rain also hit Yuma over the weekend. With this being said, supplies will be tight throughout the week. Escalated pricing on contracts as well as value added items is in effect. Production in Yuma continues to be light. Southern California will be light as well. Common defects continue to be slight bowing, muddy product, mechanical, slight insect damage and leafy tops. Suppliers were hoping for better supplies this week but the rains have altered the harvesting of this commodity.

Jalapenos Better supply of Jalapeno than last week available to load in Nogales, AZ from Mexico. Growers continue harvesting jalapenos out of Sonora and in Northern/Southern Sinaloa. Quality out of Sonora is good. Quality out of Sinaloa is good. Mostly medium to large size available from both growing regions. Market on jalapeno has started to decrease and should continue to decrease minimally as we end the week.

Cilantro The Cilantro market continues to come off with the nicer weather in Yuma and Mexico the last week. The cilantro quality is good and has been affected a bit by the colder weather at the beginning of January. Look for the cilantro market to continue to come off going into next week.

Lemons Current markets are looking steady, normal business on small fruit looks steady for now but could get snug in the next few weeks.

Oranges California Navels are starting off the week with light supplies. After five days of consistent rain over the weekend in the Central Valley it has put most suppliers in a position to be snug the middle part of the week. Markets remain steady and most suppliers are holding off promotable opportunities until they build inventory supplies. Satsuma Mandarins supplies are ample on any size or pack style. Brix is 12-14 and extremely juicy. Delite Mandarins are coming along peaking on 32/28/24 followed by size 36. Plenty of Pummelos available. Sizing and quality look great. Cara Caras & Blood are moving along, plenty of supplies available.

Cucumbers Light supplies of cucumber are being harvested in Sonora, Mexico. Quality out of the Sonora district is mostly fair. Moderate supplies of cucumbers also being harvested in the Mexican State of Sinaloa this week. Supplies have decreased as growers are transitioning to new fields. Mostly plain and small sizes available in 1 1/9 bushel pack this week along with 24ct and 36ct pack. Few Super, Select, and large size are also available. The cucumber market has stabilized and is expected to remain steady for the remainder of the week.

Eggplant Good supplies of eggplant currently being harvested and have increased this week due to good weather in the growing region. Both fancy and choice grade currently being packed. Current market on eggplant has decreased minimally and is expected to remain steady through next week.

Grapes (Green) Green grape supplies remain very limited this week. The volume of green grapes being sent to the U.S is minimal and demand continues to exceed supplies. Quality is good and market prices are firm. We do not expect to see better supplies of green grapes until the week of 2/18. Until then, we will continue to face challenges on availability and open market fruit.

Kale The kale market continues to stay strong with the recent rain and cooler weather in Yuma. Quality is fair with full bunches, and only an occasional yellow leaf being reported.

Lettuce Iceberg This market is firm to begin the week. Rains hit the Yuma region last Saturday which slowed down production on the weekend and Monday. With this being said, there was enough product to fill all orders to start the week. Overall supplies look to be steady throughout this week. Cool temperatures will hit the Yuma region by the middle of this week. No rain is in the forecast. The quality will continue to be marginal. Expect issues of puffiness, discoloration, mechanical, and blister to be seen upon arrivals. The weights on palletized lettuce are averaging 38-42 pounds. Processed items will continue to suffer in terms of shelf life with all processors. The raw material being used is weaker at this time.

Lettuce Leaf Steady inventories continue to be the story on romaine as well as well as on all leaf items. Common defects being reported to include most notably blister and peel. Green and red leaf, as well as butter, is steady. Common defects that are being reported include blister and peel, like romaine, mechanical as well as fringe burn. Expect shorter shelf lives for processed items due to weaker raw material being available.

Squash Price on zucchini squash continues to be low this week while the price on yellow has stabilized in the mid-teens. Quality on both packs on zucchini is good. Quality on yellow is mostly fair to good this week. Supply on zucchini squash exceeds demand. Supply on Yellow meets demand.

Tomatoes Mexico is in full swing production working through Winter crops boasting heavy volumes crossing AZ and TX. Favorable weather has shown an increase in quality, size of tomatoes. There is good supply of large rounds and plenty of volume spanning all varieties.


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