Tropical disturbance may affect southern, central Mexico; heat wave out West

Starting today and continuing through at least next weekend most southern and central growing regions of Mexico will see daily rain totals between 0.5 inches and 1.25 inches depending on the area and day. Starting next Tuesday cooler temps will come along with this rain.

A large range of commodities may be affected: limes in Veracruz, broccoli and wet veg out of the Puebla and El Bajio region, avocados out of Michoacan and tomatoes out of Jalisco.

Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz (Persian lime capital of the world) is expecting an inch of rain on Saturday and two inches of rain on Sunday. Puebla is expecting an inch of rain per day Sunday through Tuesday.

A ridge of high pressure has settled over the western U.S. bringing above-normal temperatures for the next five to seven days. The temps will range between five and 10 degrees above normal in most growing regions. The heat will stretch from northern Mexico all the way up through Washington state.

The San Joaquin Valley in California will see temps in the upper 90s in most of the valley while at the southern end, Bakersfield will see some 100 degree temps.

The Coachella Valley will have temps above the 100 mark all next week.

Salinas and Santa Maria will have high temps in the mid-70s all next week, which is about eight degrees above today’s high temp.

Look for volumes to increase and quality to improve from all areas as the cold and rain from last week are in the rearview mirror and warm temps will be around the foreseeable future.

Walla Walla and the Yakima Valleys of Washington will also experience high temps this weekend with max temps around 90 today through Sunday. The one difference for this area is come next Wednesday temps will cool off dramatically and there will be a slight chance of rain for this region.

Northern Florida and Georgia continue with temperatures well above normal. Most growing locations in the region will experience max temps in the upper 90s with an occasional max temp of 100. These temps are 10 to 15 degrees above normal. Minimum temps will be in the upper 70s, which is very conducive for plant development and fruit production.

Starting next Thursday temperatures will finally begin to drop seven to eight degrees bringing them more in line with June averages. Look for volumes to continue strong from these areas.

Michigan is expecting a mini cooling trend over the weekend as high temps will drop from a max of 78 today to only 63 for Sunday and Monday. The minimum temps will drop from 60 tonight to only 43 on Sunday and Monday. These cooler temps may have an affect on harvests toward the middle of next week.

Starting Wednesday temperatures will begin to rise with highs reaching into the mid 70s once again and lows in the mid-50s. There is a chance of rain for this Saturday and again next Wednesday throughout the state.

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BY DAVID ROBIDOUX | MAY 31, 2019 | The Produce News

(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)