Notice to Customers Concerning COVID-19

To our valued customers,

In light of the ongoing developments resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, and after careful consideration within our organization, Aloha will be limiting access to third parties in our facility, suspending group events and gatherings in communal areas, limiting business travel.

We will be communicating directly with our customers and other affected parties. Aloha will continue to monitor the situation and make discretionary changes to the policy as needed.

Aloha stays committed to following its Food Safety and Illness programs to ensure the integrity of our vendor’s products and that they are safe for distribution and consumption. Our team is continually working with manufacturer’s and farmers to monitor any safety risks or gaps in supply should the impact of this virus affect their staffing or supply chain. We are also taking the necessary steps internally to ensure the safety of our team members and providing a healthy workplace environment. We will continue to communicate any information resulting from the virus and take the necessary steps in our business continuity to limit any disruptions in Aloha’s supply and services.

Steps and Measures we have implemented:

*Creating awareness in clean and sanitized work areas (office, warehouse, transportation).

*Mentoring on hygiene and cross contamination with extensive sanitation stations.

*Managing risk of sick employees and when the appropriate time to stay home.

*Limiting access into our vendor’s facilities.

*Contracted cleaning services for proactive disinfect.

*Contracted emergency disinfected services for our facility in case of a breakout.

*No hand shaking policy.

*No outside carriers will be allowed into our facility.

*Postpone large conferences.

*Aloha team members are required to wear nitrile gloves in the warehouse and on delivery.


Aloha Produce Foodservices and it’s acting companies will continue to perform preventative measures to promote awareness and health safety to our employees and customers. 




Jake Vetter

General Manager

Aloha Produce Foodservices


Please direct questions to your direct sales representative.


To download a copy of this notice, click here.